Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Iran threatens 'historical slap'

The Telegraph:
The Iranian president has warned that his nation's enemies will receive a "historical slap in the face" in return for any show of aggression towards the Islamic state. READ MORE

Addressing a rally in the southwestern city of Khorramshahr, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted that Iran was entitled to develop a full range of nuclear technology.

And he warned: "Any kind of aggression or thoughts of assaults will receive a historical slap in the face by the youth of Khorramshahr and the Iranian nation."

His comments came ahead of a UN Security Council meeting aimed at resolving the worsening diplomatic crisis surrounding Iran's nuclear activities.

Western nations accuse Iran of seeking to make nuclear bombs under cover of a civilian programme - a charge the Islamic state denies.

Senior officials from China, Russia, the United States, France, Germany and Britain were meeting in London to discuss ways to put a stop to Iran's uranium enrichment programme.

But Mr Ahmadinejad told the rally: "Using nuclear energy is Iran's right."

He hailed Iran's recent achievement - in defiance of UN demands - of enriching uranium to the level required by nuclear power stations, saying: "Iran possesses the nuclear fuel cycle from zero to 100."

But he warned: "The enemies who could not stop the Iranian nation of reaching nuclear technology by means of political pressure, conspiracies and using the tool of international organisations are now plotting against us."