Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sporadic clashes continue in several Iranian universities

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Sporadic clashes have continued, on Wednesday, in several Iranian universities, such as, Tehran, Hamedan and Zanjan by leading to more injured or arrested among maverick protesters.

In several areas, such as in Tehran, Islamic regime forces have resorted to the use of knives and air-shooting in order to create fear and put a stop on the protest movement. READ MORE

The Islamic regime's security forces have been deployed inside the universities, around the dorms and in the neighboring avenues in order to smash any future protest action. Official security forces and plain clothes agents are monitoring the accesses to the universities and arresting suspected sutudents' supporters.

More and more radical slogans are shouted by the students calling for the trial or even execution of the Islamic regime's leadership, including its Supreme Leader.

The situation is very tense and the students have called for more protest gatherings later this evening.

Already, yesterday, several students were critically injured during clashes that happened, today, in several Iranian universities. A student has several broken bones as he was thrown from the balcony, of the Tehran's Amir-Abad University Dorm, by a member of the Islamist Para-Military Bassij Force.

The students were attacked as they exited from the univeristy in order to stage a peaceful protest against the persistent repression in Iran. Slogans, such as, "Down with Dictator", "Down with Islamic Republic", "Freedom, Freedom" were shouted by the students.

Tens of supporters joined the students following the brutal attack, by the Islamist militiamen, and responded to their use of clubs and chains by pieces of stones resulting in the injuries of several plainclothes agents.

Students of several universities, such as, Tehran, Ahvaz, Hamedan, Zahedan, Tabriz and Mashad participated in the protest.