Sunday, June 04, 2006

Video of massive Tabriz anti-regime demonstrations

I saw this video clip of the recent massive anti-regime demonstrations in Tabriz on google this morning, and Winston has been quick to cover it.

Just a few comments that i'd like to make on the unrest in Iranian Azerbaijan. First of all it really goes to show what a massive participation there was in Tabriz, however the person who uploaded that video clearly is a Pan-Turanian belonging to the "Grey Wolf" faction of this movement who is trying to depict this massive anti-IRI demonstration as a "anti-Iran" demonstration! These lowlives are doing their best to tear Iran into pieaces and i've seen some of their supporters amongst those in the crowds showing their infamous "Grey Wolf" sign (done in the shape of a bullshorn); a graphical picture can be seen HERE and HERE to help demonstrate (if you go and look at the pictures from the demo's you will notice some people making these signs). You can research their movement further, and an excellent study to begin with and which is very comprehensive is the one written by Kaveh Farrokh on how Pan-Turanism is taking aim at Iranian Azerbaijan. READ MORE

None the less such an anti-Iranian movement like theirs will not be able to hijack this truly IRANIANfreedom movement. I do believe that if Iranian Azeri's were aware of this threat (Pan-Turanism) to their nation these Pan-Turanian infiltrators showing the "Grey Wolf" signs would have been dealt with severely. The Pan-Turanists are doing their best making this look like a movement in support of the seperation of Azerbaijan from the motherland Iran! The title they have put on for this clip on google is "Azeri's protest Chauvinism" and with "chauvinism" they are referring to something they call "Persian Chauvinism"; little do they know that some of the leading figures of this barbaric regime hail from Iranian Azerbaijan! And by that I am not condemning any region or people since the SAVAGES that make up this regime come from all across Iran and yes even from the province of PARS where the "Persians" hail from. Azeri's, Kurds, Balooch, Mazandarani etc all of them are Iranian peoples (note again in wikipedia that the Pan-Turanians are hard at work trying to seperate Iranian Azeri's from their motherland; i'd refer you back to Dr Kaveh Farrokh article on the origin of Iranian Azeri's). Iranian Azeri's have strong loyalty to their motherland; peoples from all of Iran's different provinces including Azerbaijan, Kordestan, Baloochestan, and Pars are all proud of their provinces and extraordinary men and women that have hailed from them - it is all of Iran's provinces put together that make Iran the great and beautiful nation it is but which unfortunately has been hijacked by a bunch of Islamists who seek to destroy Iran and Iranian culture.

Please be aware of the propaganda and it sure as hell wouldn't surprise me if the western press supports any effort towards the disintegration or "Balkanization" of Iran. In the end it will only remain that though a "futile effort" that will never bare fruit because Iranians will fight to their last blood defending their motherland. Iranian Azeri's will be the first ones to confront any attempt to secede Iranian territory.

This is a topic that is dear to me as I have Azeri heritage myself in my family and a cause that all Iranians feel strongly about and which needs to be dead-clear for everyone.

More power to Iranian Azeri's demanding freedom and for their rights to be recognized.

Yashasin Iran!
Yashasin Azarabadegan!