Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Iranian Student Movemnt offer President Bush 5 "Suggestions"

Excerpts of SMCCDI's open letter to President Bush:
1. Implementation of full international economic and military sanctions on the Islamic Republic regime via UN security council resolution based on human rights, support for terrorism, and this to be tabled with or without IAEA board recommendation on the nuclear threat the theocracy poses. These two issues alone should be viewed as circumstance the world cannot turn it's back upon, at risk of civilization itself. Such measures should include coordination with oil producing nations to ensure stable world supply while sanction persists, as well as the halting of any and all arms transfers to the Islamic Republic regime.

Note: We believe it is unwise to continue nuclear power discussions until such time as secular government ratified by the people in Iran comes to power. And rest assured Mr. President, any new government, abiding by the rule of law, can and will work with the IAEA in full cooperation to implement the safeguards and protocols, to address all aspects and concerns regarding the peaceful use of atomic power, and to dismantle any and all existing programs that may violate them.

2. Full diplomatic sanction and closing of Iranian embassies world-wide, removal and deportation of regime representatives, their agents and spies from all nations. Diplomatic sanction by the UN, and removal of representation from this international forum till such time as a legitimate interim government can be established in Iran. Iran is party to the 1948 UN charter, yet not having been a signatory the Islamic Republic regime is abysmally derelict in it's adherence to the provisions contained within it.

Note: We ask that concerns regarding lack of consular functions as a result of this action be cooperatively addressed, so as to continue to allow emergency visas to be issued. (i.e. family emergencies, etc.) It may be possible to retain the minimum consular functions, under tight supervision, but they are well known in their recruiting of, and issuing visa to potential martyrs and terrorists. As well, We feel it is unwise to allow the Islamic Republic regime to maintain a UN staff of aprox. 400 "diplomats", who consistently violate the 12 mile limit, engage in activities not associated with diplomatic function, and pose a threat to US interests and Iranian opposition groups located in the US.

3. Freezing of any and all financial assets of the Islamic Republic regime, their current and former leadership, and corporate interests world-wide, till such time as a new interim government can be established. As well as allocation of portions of these assets now to legitimate non-violent opposition groups inside and outside Iran, to realize the goals, and to provide the tangible support needed as civil disobedience becomes manifest in action. Only in this way can this action be self sustaining till it succeeds.

4. Repeated statements by world leaders publicly calling for the leadership of the Islamic Republic regime to step down peacefully, and to relinquish the government to the hands and will of the Iranian people.

5. The coordinated post-regime rebuilding of vital social institutions and infrastructure of democracy should be implemented now. The training of judges, civil servants, police, etc. The Iranian exile community can provide the talent, initially and there are many more inside Iran supporting the opposition who will answer the call to service as the situation permits. This will speed up the post-regime process, and greatly enhance stability in the interim government. ...

To facilitate this, we would humbly request that you grant audience to the opposition's young leaders, be they Monarchist, Republican, Democrat, moderate, left, or right as may be represented by their group's opinions, allowing them to express their thanks and support for the greater Middle East project, in a roundtable "Forum for the Future" of Iran. more