Friday, March 25, 2005

BBC: All Quiet on Afghanistan's Western Front

The BBC visited the US airbase in western Afghanistan, 50 miles from Iran, that has been the subject of much speculation of US intentions towards Iran. READ MORE

The BBC reported:
The American commander for the region denies Iran is the focus for the US troops he controls.

"The US presence in western Afghanistan is for reconstruction and economic development. We have done no operations along the Iranian border, and I have no knowledge of operations along the Iranian border," says Col Phil Bookert at his headquarters in Herat city, two hours drive to the north.

"That is not why we are here," he continues. "We're here to do reconstruction and economic development activities in Herat and Farah provinces, and they happen to border Iran.
The BBC concludes:
Although troops have repaired key parts of the base including holes in the runway - some caused by US bombing in 2001 - there is little sign Shindand is being prepared for a larger role just yet.