Friday, March 25, 2005

Reports of Huge Demonstrations in Iran after Soccer Win over Japan

There are reports of massive demonstrations in Iran following the Iranian win over Japan in an important soccer match in Tehran.

Pro-democracy forces have used such events in the past to demonstrate their hatred of the regime. Massive security forces have been mobilized around the country to keep the demonstrations from getting out of control. Complicating matters have been threats by one opposition movement to launch "Operation Thunder One." The operation, lead by Dr. Froud Fouladvand who broadcasts from the UK, is calling for "armed resistance."

I am getting preliminary reports and I will be publishing more about this soon, as reports come in. It is evening in Iran and it could be a long evening.

UPDATE: I have been told that Froud Fouladvand's "Operation Thunder One" was NOT launched today as had been reported. I have been told that the operation is still in development and that there are six elements to the operation. Stay tuned...