Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mullahs beg for massive turnout in presidential in Iran
So-called supreme mullah leader of the Islamic Revolution mullah Ali Khamenei said here Thursday that massive turnout of the Iranian nation is an issue of utmost importance and to this end university students should play an active and crucial role.

Addressing thousands of Basiji university students, the mullah said the Basij members (regime's chomaaqdaaraan) should not only stay on the scene during any enemy aggression but also should get involved in safeguarding the country's national and political identity, campaign against cultural inroads and making scientific breakthrough.

If the society goes after science without spirituality it would face a world like the Western world where there are no rooms for justice, morals, humanity and human rights, mullah said. ...

The most significant criteria for choosing the next president is his belief in Islam, justice seeking spirit and firm resolve to remove discrimination.

The enemies of the Islamic Revolution do not know that whatever they say the Iranian people would do the opposite, said mullah.

Mullah Khamenei also quoted the founder of the Islamic Infamy the Khomeini as saying "whatever the enemies want we should do the opposite, because they only seek their own interests." ...