Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Maverick Orchestra and audience Defy Regime's Dignitary

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Members of a maverick orchestra and chorus, who were supported by the audience, defied, Haddad e Adel the head of the Islamic Parliament and son in law of the regime's Supreme Leader.

This unprecedented action of civil disobedience took place, yesterday, at the Tehran Opera, Talar e Vahdat formerly known as Roodaki, when the orchestra and chorus members played and sang the popular "Oh Iran!" instead of the Islamic regime's ideological anthem.

The majority of the audience rised by hearing the "Oh Iran!" and echoed this song considered by a majority of Iranians as their official anthem.

An angry Adel and his entourage protested against such move by insulting the "Oh Iran!" but were booed by the auditors. The group left the premises under high security measures.

Members of the intelligence arrested several members of the orchestra and audience in retaliation.

The Islamic regime tried from its beginning to ban the "Oh Iran!" but this song which has been written by the late Hossein Gol-Golab has been increasingly popular especially among young Iranians. Many see it as a symbol of resistance and declaration of their attachment to Freedom, Nationalism and negation of the Islamic ideology.