Thursday, September 08, 2005

Support the Campaign Against Ahmadinejad's Presence at UN

SMCCDI (Urgent Action):
Dear Iranians, Dear Iranian-Americans, Dear Freedom Lovers,

The unpopular Islamic republic regime is a theocratic system of governance which is a notorious Human Rights abuser and a main sponsor of terror. Its newly appointed President, Mahmood Ahmadi-Nejad, is an ultra-Islamist who's well known for his past terrorist and executioner activities.

As an Islamist militiaman, Ahmadinejad is known for having killed tens of Iranians and for his participation in supervising hit squads, he was sent abroad to kill dissidents. He has been identified by several former US hostages and Mr. Simpson of BBC as one of the participants in the take over of the US embassy in Tehran which resulted in the hostage taking of 52 American diplomats for 444 days.

Such an individual is planning to put his feet on New York's soil and to make a speech at the UN as the representative of the 'Iranian Nation' on September 14th!!!

What a shame!!!

Where is the outrage!!!

It's in reaction to such masquerade that the Movement along with several other Iranian secularist groups has founded the "Iran UN Protest 2005" (IUNP2005). The purpose of such an inclusive and non-ideological coalition is to denounce the persistent Human Rights abuses in Iran and to seek the world's moral pressure for helping Iranians to free themselves from the illegitimate and tyrannical rule of the Islamic republic regime and the likes of Ahmadinejad.

The UN building and its windows must shake from the outcry of Iranians at the very same moment that Ahmadinejad, the killer and terrorist, is going to speak in their name!!!

The entire world should witness that millions are opposing an illegitimate regime which is usurping Iran's chair at the UN!!!

Ahmadinejad should not be able to deliver the usual regime type of monologue without the opportunity for Iranians and every concerned Iranian-Americans and Americans to denounce him and his tyrannical and terrorist regime!!!

No!!! We must all support such historic opportunity!!!

We must all transform the illegitimate presence of Islamic regime's spokeman into a massive show of rejection and protest!!!

The SMCCDI has obtained a permit for protest by the UN for the date of September 14th from 09:00 AM until 05:00 PM. Such a privilege has been transferred to the IUNP2005 Coalition and several TV and radio programs have been organized so far for a massive mobilization of Iranians and Iranian-Americans. Tens of travels have been made by the Movement's members for a better coordination of the coalition.

A lot has been done but more travels, meetings, TV and radio programs and advertisements are needed!!!

For such purpose and more than ever, the SMCCDI needs your financial help of any amount for continuing its operation related to helping the coordination and promotion of the INUP2005 Coalition. READ MORE

Such support is crucial!!!

Millions of Iranians who boycotted the last sham elections are looking for Iranians abroad to organize a massive protest in order to echo their expression of rejection of the Islamic regime!!!

Help SMCCDI to be able to push such agenda in the frame of its activity within the "Iran UN Protest 2005" Coalition!!!

We need your help so we can help millions and maybe yourself....

Help us and help your countrymen by investing a moment of your time and some of your financial possibility!!!

MAKE US YOUR DONATION of any amount via the secure and well known "PayPal Internet Banking System" by visiting the SMCCDI Contact page : (Then click on the PayPal logo in order to access the donation page for SMCCDI).

Visit the Movement's "Media & Official Feedbacks" and "Supporters Feedbacks" to evaluate some of the SMCCDI's actions and achievements.

Help us to continue our action and the fight for all!

We need your support!!!

Thanks for your kind contribution and responsible action!

Together We Stand!
Divided We Fall!

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)