Thursday, October 06, 2005

Afshari has left Iran , escaped 6 years imprisonment

Morteza Abdolalian, Iran Watch Canada:
News in brief- iran-emrooz online reporting from " Etemad" newspaper

Ali Afshari has left the country!

Before leaving the country, because of political activity, Ali Afshari was sentenced to six years imprisonment and was deprived to five years of all social rights. READ MORE

With him leaving the country , the number of the members of central council of "Tahkim Vahdat " who have left the country for continuing their education has reached to three person now.

Before him Mr. Akbar Atri , and Mr. Saeed Razavi Faghih who were also encountered with thick court file had left the country.

There are news that Mr. Afshari has gone to Ireland to continue his education. Mr. Afshari in recent years has spent some times in prison and the prison officials made a video of forced confession that shows he is apologizing from the officials but after his release from prison he took back his apologies.

After release he was scornded by other radical students who were also in prison and believed that his interview brought humiliation for them. Three days ago a blogger wrote in his personal blog that "Afshari too, flew " but contrary to other accused political files , he flew with a regular flight from "Mehrabad"air port and at last yesterday his travel to Irland was officialy announced.