Sunday, October 16, 2005

Young man killed by head of Karaj militia

SMCCDI (Information Service):
A young man was killed, on Friday evening, by several bullets shot to his head and neck area by the head of the local militia in a suburb city of the Greater Tehran. This new murder, by an Islamic regime's agent, took place in the Town of Karaj which is located at 40 KM of the center of the Capital.

The victim's name has been reported as "Majid" and his murderer is the brutal Militia's Colonel "Atta-ie".

Karaj's youth is well known for having opposed the Islamic regime at several occasion, and the area, especially the Fardis district, is one of the bastions of resistance to the Islamic regime.

The situation is at a level that the regime's security forces have increased the application of public intimidation of all kind, such as, stopping and questioning the residents or to parade arrested young Karajis in order to humiliate them.

As an example, a high dosage of morphine was injected to the young "Akbar Samavati" and he was paraded in the city earlier on Friday. A pacifier was put in his mouth while his hands were tied up to a stick in the shape of a cross and several water pots were hanged around his neck.

He was officially accused of "creating social trouble".

It's believed that Majid's death is the result of the expression of his anger due to disgust from witnessing the "Mao/Chinese Cultural Revolution Style" of humiliating parade forced to Akbar. Indeed many residents were seen, on Friday, denouncing the repressive show and even some insulting openly the militiamen.

What was supposed to be also a way to increase public fear and to help "pacify" the area turned, in reality, against the Islamic regime itself and helped increase the already existing tension.