Monday, March 27, 2006

Military Standby during Persian New Year Holidays

Meysam Salehian, Rooz Online:
Military, intelligence, security and police forces in Iran have been put on alert during the Persian New Year holidays that began on March 20th, 2006. This is a 50% standby of these forces which also means that all leaves have been suspended and the members of these services have been instructed to stay in touch with their commands during the two week period. This alert level may be raised to full alert if an emergency situation arises. READ MORE

Operational units of Army Aviation, Passdaran Air Wing, air defense units, operational divisions of military air bases, and all military command posts have been put on full alert.

It appears that this high level alert has been put into effect because of recent US threats against Iran, raising the possibility of limited military operations against the country in the forthcoming weeks.