Friday, April 28, 2006

Political prisoners condemn Shirin Ebadi

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
We would like to remind Ms. Ebadi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize two years ago, of a few things. Though we were all so proud that an Iranian woman won that distinguished prize, we are nonetheless, forced to point out her apathy. Her newfound financial and political influence, has afforded her the distinction to champion and openly talk about the immeasurable human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran; after all she has become recognized by international human rights organizations around the world as an authority on such issues.

Before her winning the award however, she was a lawyer who had spent 25 days in prison and had been unconditionally released after signing a letter, repenting for her charges; therefore no one expected anything from her. However, now, given all the above-mentioned reasons one would hope and expect more from her. As of late however, her interviews, speeches, articles and reports have taken on a very conservative tone. In recent days as well, on the occasion of the execution of political prisoner, Hodjat Zamani, she not only did not condemn the execution, she simply ignored it.

We are certain that she does not truthfully report any of the atrocities committed by the Islamic regime to western leaders and various human rights establishments who are in contact with her. This human rights celebrity has even declined to mention some of her own closest friends [for whom we have a great deal of respect], some of whom have been in prison for 27 years; she has never so much as spoken of or even defended the brave imprisoned students and political activists who have spent years in these nightmarish prisons of the Islamic regime, under the most horrifying mental and physical tortures. It has also just come to our attention that she does not even keep up with the status of the prisons or the statistics of the political prisoners.

Isn't this preferential treatment and discrimination? Isn't she meant to be defending all political prisoners? Why should western leaders and international human rights establishments be so coaxed by such shady and bogus individuals? Is this all there is to her claim on equality and defense of human rights? It is indeed a sad day when the world leaders are taken in by such underhanded lobbyists and sleazy influence peddlers. READ MORE

Please help us by sending our letter of complaint to the various heads of states and international human rights organizations and please appeal to them, on our behalf, in exposing her willful neglect and discrimination against us all, who clung, with hopes for freedom to her.

We will shortly present a detailed and explicit profile on Ms. Ebadi that will summarize her exploitations [on behalf of the Islamic regime] and her complete disinterest and apathy to the vital mission, as a defender of human rights, meaning the defense of all people, for which she received the renowned award.

Signatories are imprisoned student leaders and various activists:
1. Manouchehr Mohammadi (Evin Prison)

2. Akbar Mohammadi (Evin Prison)

3. Khaled Hardani (Evin Prison)

4. Mostafa Jowkar (Evin Prison)

5. Behnam Vafo-Seresht (Evin Prison)

6. Hashem Shanian (Evin Prison)

7. Haydar-Qoli Soltani (Evin Prison)

8. Hodjat Bakhtiari (Evin Prison)

9. Hamid-Reza Mohammadi

10. Mohsen Bawpeeri (Evin Prison)

11. Asad Shaghaghi (Rejaiishahr)

12. Amir-Heshmat Saran (Rejaiishahr)

13. Valiollah Fayz-Mahdavi

14. Mehrdad Lohrasbi (Rejaiishahr)

15. Jafa Eghdomi (Rejaiishahr)

16. Reza Ashrafpour (Mazandaron detention center)
A few days ago, it was reported that Oprah Winfrey is preparing to interview Ebadi on her show and Iranians have been flooding her office with their opposition to it.