Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rice Says U.S. is Committed to Diplomacy Regarding Iran

USA Today:
State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview broadcast Sunday that the United States was committed to pursuing a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear crisis. In an interview with ITV, recorded in Liverpool on Saturday, Rice acknowledged concerns that the standoff between the U.N. Security Council and Iran over its nuclear program could lead to the U.S. taking pre-emptive military action.

But she stressed that "Iran is not Iraq. I know that's what's on people's minds. The circumstances are different," Rice said.

"However, the president of the United States doesn't take his options off the table," she said. "We are committed to a diplomatic course because we believe that a diplomatic course can work." READ MORE

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who met with Rice in England before traveling with her to Baghdad, has said it is inconceivable that military action would be taken against Iran.

Iran has said its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the U.S. and its European allies suspect the country is pursuing nuclear weapons.

The U.N. Security Council approved a statement Wednesday asking the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, to report back in 30 days on Iran's compliance with demands to stop enriching uranium. The process can be used to make fuel for a nuclear reactor or the material for a nuclear warhead.