Sunday, April 02, 2006

Iran Trains Bombers to Kill Brits

Rupert Hamer, Sunday Mirror:
A network of terror camps has been set up in Iran to train insurgents to kill our troops in Iraq. Spy chiefs say al-Qaeda experts are giving three-week courses in planting roadside bombs, sniping and avoiding capture before, during and after attacks against troops.

British Special Forces are thought to know where the desert bases are and may be tracking insurgents who come and go.

Last night a senior intelligence source said: "The camps have been set up by an al-Qaeda splinter group from Iran's Revolutionary Guards." READ MORE

They are thought to be responsible for at least three recent deaths in Al Amarah in Iraq.

Lance Cpl Allan Douglas - the 99th soldier to die in Iraq - was shot by a sniper and two paras were killed last month by an Iranian car bomb.

Tony Blair has warned Iran to stop supplying roadside bombs - but the traffic continues.