Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Islamic Regime concerned over Straw dismissal from Foreign Ministry

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
The Guardian reported that the main reason for the dismissal of Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary was the issue of Iran; referring to Straw's disagreement with Tony Blair, on designation of policy vis-à-vis the regime in Tehran, The Guardian claimed that Straw's view did not align with that of Tony Blair. According to this publication, Tony Blair considers Tehran's regime to be the most serious threat to the world and is said to be even more ardent on this issue than the US president.

The Guardian and other British publications had previously published several article about Straw's ardent support for the Islamic regime and had come to be known as one of the main supporters of compromise and policy dialogue with Tehran's regime in the European Union.

Two years ago The Daily Telegraph published an article that clearly stated that when traveling to Iran Mr. Straw wrote down the names of the 12 Imams and carried it around in his pocket and every time the name of any Imam would be mentioned he would utter the prayer of praise to the prophet and his God in Arabic.

Islamic regime's desperate concern over Straw's dismissal

Following Straw's dismissal agents and the news media of the Islamic regime expressed their concern and dissatisfaction regarding this situation and called it England's most pointed policy step toward the Islamic regime.

The regime-run newspaper Hambastegi, in it's Sunday, May 7th editorial wrote: "Recent changes in the British cabinet should be regarded as more in line with Blair's direction and it's proximity to the United States. Straw is one of the martyrs of this measure." This regime-run newspaper then came to Straw's defense and opined: "Undoubtedly the British public and the international community to a large extent are familiar with Straw's positions on global issues, including Iraq war and more importantly his position on the Islamic regime's nuclear issue; Straw's soft positions have shown that he had little inclination to follow up on the radical policies of Blair's administration vis-à-vis to Iran."

The other regime-run newspaper, SHARGH, also published a photo of Straw during his last visit to Tehran and wrote: "Many of the analysts, consider Iran to be the main reason for Straw's dismissal from his position as Foreign Secretary."

Asefi, spokesman for the Islamic Republic’s ministry of foreign affairs vehemently attacked Tony Blair for dismissing Straw. Asefi, in usual spin proclaimed: "Tony Blair will face the wrath of the British people for blindly obeying the U.S." READ MORE
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