Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Canada's Prime Minister Turns Tough on Iran's Nuclear Goals

The Globe and Mail, Canadian Press:
Prime Minister Paul Martin warned NATO leaders Tuesday that they should be prepared to stand up to Iran in order to check the Islamic republic's potential nuclear ambitions. He told the 25 other alliance leaders at the end of their one-day summit in Brussels that the Islamic republic poses a “serious proliferation threat.”

While “diplomacy and dialogue” remain a top priority, the Prime Minister said the world community “must be prepared to stand behind our words with stronger measures, if necessary.

Tougher measures could include UN-mandated sanctions, but U.S. President George W. Bush has repeatedly suggested that he is prepared to use military action if diplomacy fails.

In speaking with reporters at the conclusion of the summit, Mr. Martin refused to define what he meant by stronger measures, but said he felt it was important to send a clear, strong signal to other countries.

The threat of nuclear proliferation has got to be a major priority for anyone who essentially wants to see a world at peace,” he said. ...