Monday, May 30, 2005

Row increases over murder of Iranian scholar in France

SMCCDI (Information Service):
The row over the murder of an Iranian residing in France is increasing and many are seeing the foot print of the Islamic regime's notorious hit squads and France's usual complaisance in this new tragedy. READ MORE

The victim named "Kasra Vafadari", a retired Nanterre University Professor, was stabbed to death in his apartment in Paris two weeks ago. As yet, his family and close friends have not been informed of the results of initial investigations which are carried by France.

Kasra Vafadari was a Zoroastrian who traveled often to Iran over the past several years, despite his French wife objection. He was saddened by the suffering and discrimination the Iranian Zoroastrians were facing. He was disturbed by the Zoroastrian cemeteries destruction and the pressures and insults the Iranian Zoroastrians were suffering from. The scholar left no stone unturned to improve the condition of the Zoroastrians. He had just returned from Iran and was planning to go back when he became victim of this new horrendous crime.

The French authorities have called his murder a domestic squabble, not a political assassination. However, if top counter-terrorism judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere picks up the case and determines that Vafadari was assassinated, it will be the first time since 1997 that the regime has chosen to strike at dissidents living outside of Iran. The previous assassination campaign claimed more than 100 victims, and was led by former president Hashemi-Rafsanjani, who is jockeying to stage a comeback in the June 17 elections.

It's to note that Vafadari's murder is very similar to those of the lates Commander Shahriar Shafigh, Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, Soroosh Katibe, Cyrus Elahi, Dr. Abdol-Rahman Boroomand and Dr. Koorosh Aryamanesh which were all made on the French soil with often the flagrant silence of the government of this country which is one of the biggest economic collaborators of the Islamic regime.

The new murder was committed at a time when, addressing a press conference, former Islamic FM, Ali-Akbar Velayati, who is running for the 9th Presidential Elections, made implicit reference to secrets of certain political assassinations. He, however, failed to mention that following these assassinations, the criminals escaped prosecution and punishment by Austrian, Swiss, French, or German judiciaries because they carried diplomatic passports and reaped benefit of diplomatic immunity. Neither did he say that the embassies of the Islamic Republic served as headquarters for organizing these crimes and granting refuge to the criminals carrying out these plots. He did not mention that, with their diplomatic passports, Saeed Emami and his league of criminals even attended UN General Assembly sessions as members of the Islamic Republic delegation.

Velayati is under a warrant issued by the German judiciary in the Mykonos Affair, just as like as, Ali Fallahian, the former Ministry of Intelligence of Hashemi Rafsnajani government.

Emami was later subject of an internal purge and supposedly committed "suicide" by swallowing some depilatory cream while being in custody. His mysterious death, looking like to be a murder by his colleagues, avoided investigations which would have shown the role of the real masterminds behind the deaths of hundreds of Iranian dissidents inside and outside Iran.