Saturday, February 11, 2006

Soltani’s Dossier is Lost?

Rooz Online:
The case of Abdol-Fattah Soltani, the prominent Iranian lawyer imprisoned in July 2005 on charges of illegally revealing information from one of his clients who was charged with disclosing Iran’s nuclear secrets, remains in limbo, according to his wife. After her recent visit, she said that while the investigator of the case says that he has sent the file to the court, the court denies receiving any such documents.

Mrs. Soltani also said that her husband’s health had deteriorated and that he suffered from knee pains, which had been confirmed by prison officials. Soltani had been issued a bond of 800 million Tomans (about $941,000) as his bail and his wife said that she had still not heard any response from officials regarding her request to reconsider the outrageous amount so she could provide the amount.

On another case, Ganji’s wife also said she continues to be in the dark about the state of her husband’s case, Akbar Ganji, who a few months ago ended his hunger strike. Ganji continues not to have regular visitations from his family members. Prison officials call Mrs. Ganji on an ad-hoc basis to inform her that she can go and visit her husband. Mrs. Ganji awaits the release of her husband at the end of his term which is to take place in about 40 days. But she is not absolutely hopeful that he will be released and says he may be, unless they create another charge against him.