Monday, May 01, 2006

Photos of Labor Protest Today in Tehran

DoctorZin: Do not be confused. The regime scheduled their own bogus march today at the US Embassy to steer the media away from the real event. CNN reported over 10,000 protesters were involved in the real International Workers Day March.

Update: Banafsheh sent the following translations of the signs:

1. The sign on the far right reads "We have not been paid - workers of the Kashan Weaving company"... the number of months that they have not been paid though has been cut out of the photo.
2. Then the yellow placard directly in the middle says: "we have not been paid in 14 months"...also from the Kashan weaving co.
3. Then directly behind that is a white banner with red doily drawing that says: "The international workers day greetings to all hardworking workers."
4. Then toward the left, the lowest white sheet of paper almost, it says: "We send a clear warning to Minister of Labor."
Then directly above that there's a pink placard that reads "Why do you make promises you know you will not keep?".

6. The big yellow placard is very's like a first graders' book in Farsi...It says: "Father has no water, Father has no bread."
7. Then the white rectangular placard reads: "ministry of labor must be corrected and cleaned up."
8. Then way in the back, almost in the center of the photo is a pink placard that reads: "Laborers are the ones who turn the wheels of industry"....the rest are mainly the ones from above...

9. The big sign smack in the middle reads: "Iranian Labor Laws, is the blood money of the martyrs... students of the scientific center for management of the province of Kashan." The rest are not all the readable.

10. The white one on the right: "Job security must be established ... signed House of workers" (not the same as the regime's own Workers House) of the township of Karadj.

11. Then the little piece of black and whit paper right in the middle, under this big white one is VERY says: "The regime's biggest threat - Gross class distinction ...signed by the student workers of the city of Mashhad." The rest are the same stuff about the incompetence of the minister of labor and warning him.