Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iran to Respond if Russia and China Switch

Maryam Soleymani, Rooz Online:
The number man at Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) claimed to a group of parliamentarians that those in the US and Britain who opposed attacking Iran were being removed from office.

Based on the weekly schedule of Iran’s Parliament (the Majlis) Ali Larijani who heads Iran’s powerful SNSC was to brief the members of parliament of the status of the recent events regarding Iran’s nuclear stand off with the West last Sunday. But he did not appear because of an “immediate mission and sent his deputy Hosseini Tash. His absence raised protests with Majlis (Iran's Parliament) deputies demanding that they not be insulted.

Tash had nothing new to say anyway, except his analysis of events that after the postponement of the possible US attack on Iran, the West was now removing those who oppose military action against Iran from their positions. He specifically mentioned the dismissal of UK’s foreign minister Jack Straw and the resignation of Porter Goss as the CIA director in the US as signs of the move. He claimed that this was initially revealed when White House spokesman Scott McLellan resigned last April. READ MORE

The SNSC deputy also thanked the MPs for their letter to UN Secretary General and threatening that Iran would leave the NPT Additional Protocols, calling on the legislature to respond firmly should Russian and China change their current posture on the nuclear issue and side with the US.