Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Soccer celebration become political

SMCCDI (Information Service):
In various cities and especially several areas of the Capital, the mass celebrations are becoming political.

Groups of demonstrators are destroying the advertisements placed for Islamic regime's Presidential candidates by tearing them down or burning them.

Slogans, such as, "Iran, Iran, Azadi!" (Iran, Iran, Freedom), "Marg bar Estebdad" (Down with Dictatorship), "Akbar koosee, Iran Chili nemishe" (Akbar the Shark -meaning Hashemi Rafsanjani- Iran won't become another Chile), "Toop, Tank Feshfeshe, Bassiji bayad koshte she" (Guns, tanks, firearms, Bassijis -paramilitary force- should be killed) are shouted by many.

Some minor sporadic clashes have already happened in Enghelab and Vali-e-Asr areas but in general the heavy traffic jams and the increasing number of celebrators are making hard for the security forces to attack.

Several isolated plainclothes men seen while taking pictures of protesters were soon caught and their camera destroyed by maverick young demonstrators.