Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Iran's victory over Bahrain and its qualification for World Cup lead to massive gatherings

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Reports are stating about massive gatherings for celebration and political actions across Iran at the issue of Iran's victory over Bahrain and its qualification for the 2006 World Cup Soccer game.

Thousands of Iranians are getting into streets and squares of main Iranian cities creating huge traffic jams and rendering security forces' mission very hard. Cities, such as, Tehran, Esfahan, Mashad, Abadan, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Rasht, Tabriz, Mahabad, Ghazvin and Oroomiah (former Reza-ie) are all affected.

In most areas of the capital, such as, Narmak, Madar, Enghelab, Vali e Asr, Azadi ('Freedom'), Shahrak e Gharb, Rey, Karaj and Tajrish young Iranians are shouting nationalistic slogans or destroying the advertisements made by regime's candidates for the upcoming sham Presidential elections.

Many other are dancing, chanting and many girls are taking off their mandatory veils.

The prospect of such nightmare for the Islamic leadership and their self knowledge of their impossibility to stop an exasperated Nation have been to the point that they had declared, in the past days, to be happy of witnessing a popular celebration while announcing heavy security measures in order to stop hooligans.

The night will be very long for the regime and its forces.