Thursday, April 06, 2006

The real reason for the Islamic regime's attempts to hold discussions with the U.S. regarding Iraq, divulged

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
With the date for the possible "Iraq discussions" between the U.S. ambassador to Baghdad and the Islamic Republic of Iran's representative, nearing, the Islamic regime's media, one after the other have taken to exposing the regime's real intentions behind it all. On Tuesday, April 4th, the regime-run news agency MEHR, quoting Falahat-Peesheh, a member of the Majles (the Islamic parliament's assembly) wrote: "If the Americans are looking for peace in Iraq then they must let up on our nuclear dossier." This statement clearly divulges the organized criminal and terrorist activities of the Mullahs in Iraq and reveals how they have taken aim at destroying the lives of innocent Iraqis.

KAYHAN, the mouthpiece newspaper belonging to the Fuehrer-Mullah Khamnei also advised the regime's possible envoys to the U.S./I.R.I discussions, saying: "Put the ultimate fear of Hezbollah in the enemy and make it crystal clear to these Americans that if they do not take a more moderate attitude toward our nuclear dossier that they will have to confront Hezbollah which is prepared to put them in their place, once and for all...tell them that the members of Hezbollah would rather die than to accept any concessions form the Americans or anyone else." The newspaper also arrogantly admitted to manipulating spheres of influence in Iraq and constant meddling in that country's daily affairs by adding: "The spoils of war is the rightful privilege of the Divine rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Having lost Iranian lives during the 8-year war with Iraq has given us every right to do what we please and that leaves the U.S. with no claims to their so-called attempt at forming a new Iraqi government…no matter how many American lives their Secretary of State claims to have lost."