Thursday, May 11, 2006

US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders

Zaman Daily:
After the Tehran administration conducted operations against the terror network Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) by crossing the Iraqi border, the US Army in Iraq is claimed to have increased the military build up of US troops on the Iranian border.

Tehran local radio announced the US stationed army units on the Iraqi border, increased reconnaissance flights in the region, and trained anti-Iran militias in Iraq. Iranian Interior Ministry confirmed the information.

Activity on the 450 kilometer long border is gradually increasing. Tehran radio also recorded that the US aircrafts reconnaissance flights could also be seen from villages along the border. READ MORE

According to reports on Turkish news channel CNN Turk, Acting Iranian Interior Minister Mohammed Bakir Zulkadir also confirmed the border activity and said they are closely monitoring the situation.

The US administration, however, announced they increased the troops stationed at the border as a security measure since the insurgent’s smuggle stocks weapons into Iraq from Iran.

Meanwhile, both Turkey and the US have reportedly agreed to collaborate on the Iran and Syria issues. According to the Turkish official based news posted on the Middle East Newsline website, the US sought Turkey’s assistance on intelligence gathering on Syria and Iran.

Accordingly, it was claimed, Turkey “moved in harmony with the US in the operational phase” after the monitoring.

US Defense Department officials are reportedly conducting talks over the use of Turkey as a base for a military operation in the Middle East.