Friday, January 28, 2005

Wanted: Iran policy

The Financial Times:
The EU has pursued a policy of engagement [with Iran], while the US does not have a policy so much as an attitude. Neither will get anywhere on its own. ...

The US and the EU together need to devise compelling incentives and sanctions and enlist regional allies. To forswear the nuclear option Iran needs security guarantees that ultimately only the US can provide. For instance, US allies in the Gulf are tentatively discussing security architecture that would bind in the Saudi-led Gulf Co-operation Council with Iran and a sovereign Iraq. If the US and the EU were to back this, that could advance desperately needed regional and international stability. But for that the second Bush administration would need to recognise the limits of US military power and revive its under-employed diplomacy. It will take the combined clout of the two to make any headway with Iran.
While I have serious reservations with the FT's policy recommendations, I agree with the need of a declared US policy on Iran.

Faster please, President Bush.