Monday, February 28, 2005

Iran TV: We Refrain from Threatening Israel and the US
The following are excerpts from an interview with Deputy Head of the Foreign Policy and Security Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Mahmoud Mohammadi. The Iranian News Channel aired this interview on February 13, 2005:

Mahmoud Mohammadi: We should create the impression that we did not and do not want to launch a military attack against any country in the region. All the concerns and threats are, therefore, baseless. We want the realization of the Palestinian people's rights according to international law. They have the right to this land. In addition, America has no ties with Iran. Iran has humiliated America, and for years has not taken America in to account in its political, economic, and security considerations. Iran has pushed America to the sidelines, and therefore, should expect these such threats and pressure by America.

We cannot oppose a superpower like America and refuse to recognize Israel – while America fully guarantees Israel's security – and at the same time try to realize our national goals, especially in the peaceful use of energy - which, in their view, may be related to nuclear weapons. That's why they are concerned. We are making an effort to get the Europeans to understand that we do not wish to threaten America or Israel. we want security in the region, and we want the realization of the Palestinian people's rights.

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