Friday, February 25, 2005

Letters To President Bush from Iran

Iran Press News:
What kind of support do the people of Iran however, especially the youth request from President Bush?

To answer to this query a few young Iranians (inside Iran) were asked to provide short hand-written responses so that their concerns can be submitted to the President. Below, are translations of just a few of notes they sent us here at Iran Press News.

Mohammad - High School Senior writes President Bush:

- High School Senior writes President Bush: We are grateful that you have repeatedly supported us, the oppressed people of Iran who face the bloodthirsty Islamic regime of the Mullahs, daily. However, this is not enough. A serious solution must be devised. We, the Iranian people will not be able to succeed in achieving our freedom unless we have support from the international community. At this juncture, everyone recognizes that "Reform" was nothing more than a ruse. So what are you waiting for? This is the same regime that has supported terrorism from it's inception; it's the same regime that has done nothing but imprisoning and suffocating it's opposition...So what is the basis for your adjournment and procrastination on the one hand and European support on the other? ...

Maryam - Young writer and activist blogger offers the President an option other than war:

We the people of Iran are quite capable of toppling the Islamic regime and in this cause, we do indeed require your support. However, support without war! I am aware of the fact that you have radio broadcasting capabilities in the Middle East and Persian Gulf countries. I understand that these are able to deliver the freedom-seeking message of the people of Iran. However, these broadcasting stations, which have been created [with sizable budgets, approved by the government of the U.S.] in order to deliver the news and messages of freedom for the people of Iran, unfortunately do nothing but play music, deliver extremely shallow reports and often even deliver regime-supporting commentary. Radio Farda is not that voice of freedom that we were hoping to hear from the United States. Instead, many of the activists, freedom fighters and Iranian media members who reside in the U.S. haven't the means to broadcast inside Iran; the ones who are in fact able to broadcast into Iran cannot be heard by everyone as satellite dishes and such other such means are not available to the greater public. How wonderful it would have been that instead of playing music and songs [from short wave radios], which are useless, the voices of freedom fighters were broadcast regularly and around the clock. We are sure that you are able to make this happen and that it would be effective.

Gloria also has a similar suggestion for the President:

Mr. Bush, please support the voices of Iranian freedom seekers. We don't need music or science and cultural news from you; access to this sort of information is very easy these days and music can be heard through cassettes and CD's. Instead of broadcasting music 24 hours a day, broadcast political analysis and commentary! Let our activists speak. Let the messages of freedom fighters be broadcast via your technical facilities that are set up in the region. Please recognize that this is the best and easiest method to topple this regime and it is the least path of resistance...

Shaqayeq and Shayda - sisters:

We are not the ones who you see on TV. Do not consider those bearded terrorists you see, to be Iranian. We Iranians with our rich culture and history, perpetually wish to live in peace and serenity. Our rulers are not Iranian. They are in no way endowed with the Iranian disposition. It is due to this that they and their lackey agents have unleashed such a plague on the world and us. Mr. Bush, Ms. Rice...please come to our aid. A people are on the path of destruction and decline and furthermore the world is uneasy with an oppressive regime entitled the Mullacracy.

Soheil - Art Student provides insight for President Bush on aspects of the blueprint for a referendum:

We are seeking a referendum to choose our nation's fate. Our aim is to have a free election such as the ones held in Afghanistan and Iraq so that we can choose another form of government and it's own constitutional law. Please help us realize this aim.

Sarah - Accounting student has written 5 pages for the President of the U.S.! In sections of the letter, she states:

Iranian opposition outside Iran has not been able to create a united front against the Mullahs. The first measure that the government of the U.S. can take in supporting the freedom-loving people of Iran can be to gather the various forces and consolidate a caucus in exile; also helpful would be to assist in organizing a referendum for another form of rule...We, the people of Iran, have struggled for the last hundred years in order to obtain democracy, however in no period [in our history] had we suffered to the extent that we have under the rule of Mullahs nor had we galvanized our struggle to this extent. Now that you have become our supporter, we would like to ask you to help unite the world with our goals and hopes; it is in this way that we can be rid of a plague such as this Islamic regime. I realize that this regime however is the "pet" of certain Western countries and that these very same countries also benefit from the perpetuation of such a plague! Sitting on one's hands in the face of the expansion of such a regime is tantamount to imminent defeat! These [Mullahs] are busy building nuclear weapons. This is a fact that the whole world is aware of and I cannot understand why, is reluctant to confront.

Finally, Farhad, Shima, Mahmoud, Pantehah, Payam, Shahnaz, Behnam, Goudarz in similar messages, explicitly ask President Bush to consider military action against the Islamic republic. Payam also adds:

I am exhausted by these existing conditions. Mr. Bush, please come and fight fanaticism, inhumanity and persecution with your most sophisticated military equipment and confront them with much worse than what Mullah Omar, Bin Laden and Saddam experienced! Iran and Iranians are desperate, drained and downcast by all this pain, executions, massacres, profanity, poverty, corruption and suffocation...we hope for your arrival.

We are thus waiting for the receipt of more messages for the President, which we will print.