Friday, February 18, 2005

More Iranian TV Video Clips has just released more Iranian TV video clips:
Iranian President Khatami: Difficult to Distinguish between President Bush and Bin Laden

The following are excerpts from a speech by Iranian president Mohammad Khatami. Channel 1, Iranian TV aired this speech on Febraury 13, 2005:

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami:
Our problem is the violent and rigid voices heard in the world. One such voice was heard from Afghanistan during the Taliban rule, and another is being heard from the White House. This is a dangerous thing. Even though they confront one another, and pound and harm one another - Mr. bin Laden says: What I realized, with my narrow understanding… My God is the traditional and fanatic perspective of Islam - the Islam of 10 centuries ago - and I consider any innovation to be heretic. This is my truth. Anyone who doesn't agree with this point of view is an infidel, an atheist, and fair game. In order to kill him it is permitted to pulverize thousands of innocent people. In order to weaken him it is permitted to make millions miserable. This is one perspective. This very same voice is heard from the White House. It says: Whoever is not with us is against us, and war against him is a holy war. But if you delve a little deeper, and exchange the words of Bush and Bin Laden, you will be unable to distinguish between the two.
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Iranian President Khatami Presents His Perception of Democracy

The following are excerpts from a speech by Iranian president Mohammad Khatami. Channel 1, Iranian TV aired this speech on February 13, 2005:

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami: It will be impossible to establish democracy here without the help of Islam. Not only is it impossible to establish a non-religious democracy but we don't want it. The majority of our society doesn't want it either.

You are entitled to ask why there has been no progress on the issues I've been raising. This is true. Many of our mottos have not been realized. But does this mean retreat? But does this mean I have backed down? Am I supposed to declare war against a regime that I accept in principle? I believe that if this regime is gone, it is not at all clear what will follow it - regardless of my religious belief. The people who want to change the constitution and the regime – can they guarantee that once the current regime is gone, Western-style democracy will be established here? Such a thing is impossible. With what public? With what faith? With what support? When there is no global support, will we ask for the support of the US and the others, in order to establish democracy here? After all, America is interested in controlling the world. America protects the most reactionary regimes in the world. They are its allies.

I'm not claiming that the Islamic Republic is faultless. I'm not claiming that there are no human rights violations in some places. I'm not claiming that writers and journalists are always treated justly. I'm not claiming that our situation is ideal, from the Islamic point of view. But this I say, loud and clear: Even by current standards, we are better off than all our neighbors. Furthermore, our people is undergoing a new experience of Islam. In contrast to the Islam of the Taliban, It wants to establish democracy. This regime is being attacked on all fronts by America. So those who oppose this regime and want America's support... We see everything the US is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan today. it claims that it wants to devour the entire world. Do they want to create democracy here?! For me backing down means joining these people and joining the opinion of… No, not the public opinion… It means I should join the pressure against the Islamic Republic in order to make it disappear. If, indeed, the Islamic Republic is gone, democratic rule will not be established in this country.
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Iranian TV Reports a Missile Attack in Iran

The following is a breaking news from Al-Alam TV about a missile attack in Bushehr District, Iran.

Newscaster:We have just received this breaking news: a loud explosion was heard this morning in the outskirts of the city of Deilam in Bushehr District in Southern Iran. Eyewitnesses said that the explosion was the result of a missile fired by an unidentified airplane towards an unpopulated area 20 km from the city. Iranian officials have not yet commented officially about this incident.
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