Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kurds Prepare for Guerilla War in Iran

Adnkronos International:
Kurdish fighters dedicated to overthrowing the Iranian Government are hiding out in the mountains of northern Iraq, waiting for a chance to strike at Tehran. Gulf News gained exclusive access to the militiamen as they trained for a full-scale guerrilla war that could send shockwaves through the region.

Rebel leader Ebrahim Alizada said: "Our armed struggle began in Iranian Kurdistan and will continue until we have freedom."

The fighters are members of Komala, a group of militant socialist Kurds dedicated to bringing down Tehran. Hundreds of young men and women armed with AK47 rifles, machine guns and RPGs are training in northern Iraq for this mission.

Many more are based across the border and group leaders say the rebels are already carrying out "covert actions" in Iran.