Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who are you trying to fool Kharrazi?

Iraq The Model challenges Iran's Kharrazi statements that Iran is not supporting the Iraqi insurgency, saying:
Now, he's trying to say that Iran was NOT supporting the insurgency, hmmm, then what about that meeting between Asad and Khatemi last year in Tehran when they both vowed to support the Iraqi "resistance"?

And what about the recruitment centers where idiots signup under the Mullahs' noses (and with their blessings) to fight and become "martyrs" in Iraq? Not to mention Iran's involvement in providing Muqtada with money and weapons and training his gangs in Iranian camps.

Kharrazi went on with his lies as far as saying:

"We believe securing the borders between the two countries means security to the Islamic Republic of Iran," Kharrazi said.

Now come on Kharrazi! We both know that the change in Iraq is threatening the existence of the Mullahs' regime and Iraq's stability will only accelerate the collapse of their control over Iran. So how do you expect Iraqis to buy such lies?

I have no doubt that people here will not put much (if any) trust in Iran's "promises" and I hope the governemnt here will be just as smart.
Well said.