Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dozens injured or arrested in Iran-N. Korea soccer riots

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Dozens have been reported as injured or arrested during the mass celebration ceremonies and riots which took place, yesterday evening, at the occasion of Iran's victory over N. Korean soccer team. An unprecedented number of females are among the brutalized or arrested.

Angry plainclothes men and Bassij members were seen using knives, chains or clubs in order to attack females or groups of celebrators who were seen taking off their mandatory veils or chanting and dancing. Use of acid thrown on females' faces or bodies have been reported from cities, such as, Mashad and Esfahan. READ MORE

These brutalities resulted, at several occasions, to hostile slogans against the Islamic regime and calls for boycott of the upcoming sham Presidential elections. Many posters or advertisements placed by the regime's candidates were seen destroyed or partially damaged by exasperated celebrators. Some public materials and windows of banks or other public buildings were damaged as well.

In the Capital, clashes happened at the end of the game at Azadi ('Freedom') Stadium and the so-called 'Azadi', Haft-Hoze, Tajrish, Toopkhaneh, Vali-e-Asr and Madar squares. In addition some of Tehran's' suburbs, such as, Karaj, Rey and Eslamshahr were also scenes of expression of joy and unrests.

The anger of the regime's thugs and security agents was boosted as all the celebrators were using the occasion offered by Iran's win in order to mock the 16th anniversary of the death of the regime's founder Rooh-Ollah Khomeini. Most celebrators were mass expressing joy instead of echoing the Islamists sorrow.

An absolute majority of Iranians consider Khomeini as a satan and a mad man who detroyed their country and left a dark legacy.

Loud music were coming out of cars which were forming heavy traffic jams in Tehran and various other cities main avenues and squares. Windows of tens of cars were smashed by angry militiamen who were also using a special spray in order to recognize later these cars.

Those arrested or identified will face prison, lashes and heavy fines.

The next game for Iran's qualification for the 2006 World Cup will be played on June 8th in Tehran.