Saturday, July 30, 2005

Khatami: Rafsanjani among great assets of revolution

Islamic Republic News Agency:
The outgoing President Mohammad Khatami here Saturday referred to the Expediency Council (EC) Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as being among the great assets of the Islamic Revolution, whose advices are always required by the ruling system. READ MORE

Speaking at the EC weekly meeting for the last time, the chief executive referred to Rafsanjani as an up-to-date and experienced personality and praised his advices in all fields as effective, particularly at the time of crises.

"His views could help settle the problems in all conditions and he was sufficiently generous to provide me with his know-how.

"The EC plays a crucial role in solving the difficulties and discrepancies. Given its high status, the council does not allow the administrators of the community to face deadlocks," added the president.

Praising the executive management of Rafsanjani during the post-war years after the country's economy had undergone great loss, he said that owing to his efforts, the cornerstones of national development and construction were laid down.

"The construction plans and the efforts of the government towards economic reform minimized Iran's reliance upon foreigners, so that today we are in position to attract foreign knowledge, technology and investment.

"Iran's present self-reliance has been gained under the light of the efforts made during Rafsanjani's presidential term," he added.

Khatami noted that today Iran is able to draw up a national 20-year vision plan (2005-2025) with high objectives, despite being situated at the most critical points of the world without being ambitious.

Turning to the fact that Iran is now on the verge of a major economic leap, he noted that if the current trend continues, the goals set by the 20-year vision plan can be materialized.

Khatami pointed to his concerns at the international level and noted that the spirit of the Islamic Revolution and the ruling system have always been attacked from two aspects: the narrow minded and prejudiced insights suggested in the name of Islam and the powers rejecting the independence of an oriental and Islamic country tending to be self-reliant.

"I have been doing my best to declare that the Islamic Republic can be loyal to its principles and at the same time be considered as a free, advanced and progressive community," he added.

The president said that he owns the positive achievements of his government to the sincere efforts of his colleagues and members of his cabinet.

"I believe that without Rafsanjani, the government would have faced more problems. The EC provided excellent support for establishment of understanding and congeniality as well as solving the social dilemmas," he added.

He referred to the close cooperation between the government and the judicial branch of power, in particular that of the Judiciary Chief Mahmoud Hashemi Rafsanjani and said that in addition to collaboration with the sixth and seventh Majlis and their speakers, the government managed to run the current affairs.

Khatami hoped that, as a small member of the ruling system and a theological student, he would forever have the chance to serve the government, Islam, the Islamic Revolution and Iran.