Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Zionist behind Iraqi insurgency - Iran's Supreme Leader

Tehran Times: Today, Iran's Supreme Leader spoke out about the Iraqi insurgency:

"There is a will that seeks to obstruct the establishment of stability in Iraq through bitter incidents and blind terrorist acts.

"The Zionists are probably involved in planning these events but the Iraqi nation and government can reconstruct Iraq as deems fit in view of their natural and human resources and through a strong will."

What is amazing about the remark is that it has been Iranian intelligence operatives who have been captured and confessed to organizing the Iraqi insurgency. For instance, WND reported, January 22, 2005:

An agent of Iran's prestigious Jerusalem Force was arrested in Iraq carrying money and planning attacks against U.S. troops.

There is even video proof that Iran has been funding Iraqi Insurgents

Commander of Saddam Hussein's "The Army of Muhammad" Confesses: We Received Aid in Money and Arms from Syria and Iran and transcript.
But an Iraqi blogger, Iraq The Model said it well when he challenged Iran's statements that Iran is not supporting the Iraqi insurgency, saying:
Now, he's trying to say that Iran was NOT supporting the insurgency, hmmm, then what about that meeting between Asad and Khatemi last year in Tehran when they both vowed to support the Iraqi "resistance"?

And what about the recruitment centers where idiots signup under the Mullahs' noses (and with their blessings) to fight and become "martyrs" in Iraq? Not to mention Iran's involvement in providing Muqtada with money and weapons and training his gangs in Iranian camps.
Spiritual leaders should speak the truth, even if you are the Supreme Leader.