Monday, August 01, 2005

Judicial Official Threatens Shirin Ebadi and Ganji's Wife

While efforts are being made in various circles to solve the problem of Akbar Ganji and his hunger strike, Mahmoud Salarkia, the newly appointed assistant district attorney, issues threats against Ganji's attorney, Shirin Ebadi, and Ganji's wife, Masoumeh Shafiee.

Mahmoud Salarkia said, "unfortunately Akbar Ganji is being provoked by certain enemies of the state and members of his family to undertake unusual acts whose sole purpose is false publicity that undermines the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic." READ MORE

He goes on to explain that after Ganji's return to prison, with the aid of his wife, he took up a campaign of misinformation claiming he would go on hunger strike until he was treated outside the prison. Prison officials and other trustworthy individuals meanwhile reported his use of nutritious liquids and other foods. A team of medical doctors examined him and determining he needed a knee operation to repair a torn meniscus and recommended his transfer to a hospital.

Salarkia continues his explanation by adding that at the beginning of his hospital stay Mr. Ganji followed the nutrition guidelines of the hospital until he received a visit from his lawyer (Shirin Ebadi) who flew back from a trip to England and America. This lawyer's clandestine ties to Richard Murphy and Gary Sick, agents charged with the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, are well known. After repeated attempts and illegal entry to Mr. Ganj's room, his lawyer again managed to sway a member of Ganji's family to convince Mr. Ganji to once again take up his damaging hunger strike. A request to ban his lawyer and this member of Ganji's family from future visits to the patient is being reviewed.

Salarkia concluded by saying Mr. Ganji has committed a number of crimes which have been prosecuted according to the law. He will remain in custody and serve out the term of his sentence. Other charges more recently levied against him will be pursued as well.

Ms. Shafiee's Assistance

Meanwhile the head of the Judiciary, Saeed Mortazavi, reportedly made a late night visit to Ganji's wife at Milad hospital where she and her children were gathered around her husband's bedside. Mortazavi pointing out her children's distress persuaded Ms. Shafiee to allow hospital staff to administer a nutritional IV to her husband.

A group of university students held a candlelight vigil in support of Gangi outside the Ganji home.
It appears the regime is laying the groundwork to charge Ganji's attorney, Shirin Ebadi with subversion.