Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wife pleads to see Iran dissident, Akbar Ganji
The wife of leading Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji pleaded to be allowed to see him Saturday as he maintained his hunger strike for a 64th day despite her appeals for him to end it before it is too late, AFP reported.

"I know he is in a terrible condition and I am worried sick about him," said Massoumeh Shafii, who has not been allowed to visit her husband for two weeks. READ MORE

"I plead with the judiciary officials to let me see him so that I can ask him to stop his strike," she told AFP.

"Patients and prisoners can have visitors. This is inhumane."

Shafii said she could not confirm reports that her husband had been transferred to the intensive care unit of the Tehran hospital where he is confined as neither she nor other family members had been allowed to visit him.

Ganji launched his death fast in protest at his prison conditions. He was trasnferred from prison to hospital last month due to his deteriorating health.

He was sentenced to six years in prison in 2001 after he wrote articles implicating several regime officials in the murders of opposition intellectuals and writers.