Sunday, October 02, 2005

Public intimidation increases in Iran

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Official warnings, threats, anti-riot maneuvers and barbarian acts are increasing in Iran as the Islamic regime tries to fill the lack of popular legitimacy by the policy of Iran fist.

Top commanders of the Militia are multiplying interviews and threatening comments with the state controlled press warning the residents at different occasions on "the will of the Islamic system to combat any social trouble or those not respecting the Islamic morality".

Iranians have been warned on the "non respect of the Islamic Ramadan month". Those seen eating in public or not respecting the mandatory veil will be lashed.

To show the regime's determination, several "open to public anti-riot maneuvers" were organized, on Saturday, according to what has been qualified as "an effort to increase the readiness of the Law Enforcement Forces against trouble makers".

Already the regime forces have arrested several thousands of Iranians qualified as "trouble makers" in the frame of the highly publicized "Amaliat e Zafar" (Operation Victory). This repressive move which has started since the beginning of September has been extended and seeks to pacify the cities from any person able to harm the Islamic regime.

Also, more Iranian youths were lashed in public, on Saturday, before being sent to jail on charge of "armed robbery".

Such repressive measures or worst are expected to increase as the regime faces more international pressure and internal rejection.
See the photos of this public demonstration of force here.