Sunday, October 30, 2005

Whatever Ahmadinejad says, Reformists think & believe!

Iranian blogger, Farid Pouya, WebGardian:
Ahmadinejad's speech about Israel create a lot of emotions in the world. Whatever he said was Ayatollah Khomeyni's words (Ahmadinejad referred to him during speech too).

Many of Iranian reformist hate Israel too but don't dare to say. Look at Abtahi, this reformist vice president's weblog, and his explanation about Ahmadinejad's speech. He said the world has been taken as hostage by Israel. He is sorry that Ahmadinejad didn't realize current diplomatic situation but he doesn't regret his comments about Israel. Maybe you think because of circumstances Abtahi can not say more! Then you are either an optimist or you don't know our Clerics. Iranian people don't hate Israel (many of them). Many believe Israel can be considered as a friend. Many say Israel never invaded us but Arabs did.