Thursday, November 10, 2005

“The ‘red’ path of the Martyrs is the shortest path to the final destination”

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

FARS, the regime-run news agency reports that Hadj Ali Akbari, the director of an outfit known as The National Affiliation of Youth” announced, “taking the ‘red’ path of the martyrs is the shortest path to the final destination”.

On Thursday afternoon, in a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of the township of RAAMSAR (Maazandaran Province), Akbari said: “We are organizing martyr-recognition gatherings and festivals for the youngsters and the youth; we must introduce them to the martyr’s aspiration and give them lessons in glorification and offering. With this directive we can remain faithful to the ideals of the martyrs; “the truth” is lost to those who have strayed from the path of the martyrs. Young martyrs are the reason for our popularity, majesty, prestige and pride. We would like for these dear ones to take pity on us and come to our aid so that there are no regrets. The martyrs also provide us with strength and energy and in return they emanate energy from the realm of Quds (holiness) into the hearts of the pure and pious. These gatherings and festivals will be to invoke the martyrs. We have no path other than that of the martyrs and that is the path to bliss.”