Monday, November 21, 2005

The regime’s new crimes in the town of Mahabad, Kurdistan

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi
Reports from Mahabad (province of Kurdistan) indicate that the regime’s agents have once again begun another reign of terror on the residents of this town. On Sunday, Nov. 20th at 10 AM a 27-year-old man, Sheerkou Amini, son of Ali Bob, resident of the town of Mahabad was shot and killed by the regime’s agents. A native of Mahabad explained that during the summer protests in Mahabad, Sheerkou Amini had been arrested by the regime’s agents and released after a while; he was however rearrested and after having been brutally tortured for a few weeks was dropped off in front of his house 6 days ago.

On Sunday morning, Sheerkou had gone for a walk in one of Mahabad’s neighborhoods where he was accosted by one of the regime’s agents manning the new area command center. Another agent who was in a distance heard the insults and saw the escalating argument between the guard and Sheerkou. The first agent who was involved in the fight with Sheerkou, then shot him 3 times, at which point, his colleague approached and opening fire, sprayed Sheerkou with bullets as well.

The locals immediately rushed to the scene; Sheerkou died on his way to the hospital. The enraged crowd then gathered in front of the command center and began protesting. They set the center and the agent’s vehicles on fire and hurling rocks and bricks, broke all of the command center’s windows. The regime agents took to shooting in the crowd and in the air. The battle between the people and the regime’s agents raged on for hours. The people blocked the road in front of the command center.

Sheerkou’s family was denied the right to collect their loved one’s lifeless body. This lead to the family and neighbor’s immediate condemnation and demand on the governor to release the Sheerkou’s corpse.