Thursday, December 29, 2005

Execution tentative leads to riot in northwestern Iran

SMCCDI (Information Service):
A tentative [execution of] a political prisoner resulted, today, in a violent riot at the Oroomiah (former Rezai-e) prison.

Security forces and militiamen were sent to back the prison's guards against the inmates. Plastic bullets and tear gas was used against the prisoners who set fire to several corridors.

Tens have been injured including the Prison's manager.

Security forces were able to extract "Massod Shokeh", condemned to death, and have transferred him to another location for re-scheduling his immediate execution estimated as early as tomorrow.

Two other Iranians were executed publicly, yesterday and this morning, by the Islamic regime in the cities of Ilam and Tayibad located in west Iran. Their names were Eskandar Morajei, aged 30, and Yar-Mohamad Samadi, aged 20.