Saturday, December 03, 2005

Paper Urges Muslims to Form Iran-style Basij Force

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
A morning daily Saturday urged Muslim states to set up an Iran-style Basij (volunteer) force in order to prevent all meddling powers from casting eyes at Muslims' territories. 'Kayhan International' added that the Islamic Iran is ready to share its experiences in that field with other countries.

"If the Islamic world were to mobilize its vast material and manpower resources, then no meddler would ever dare think of casting its covetous eyes at Muslim lands," said the editorial. READ MORE

Therefore, the avowed goal of the liberation of Beit Ul-Moqaddas and the elimination of the cancerous tumors called Israel will become much sooner than expected, it stressed.

Referring to the history of the Basij force establishment in Iran, the daily said that the popular force was created in 1979 by the foresight of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini.

Pointing to the Basij heroism during the Iraqi imposed war against Iran (1980-1988), it said Iran's Basijis enacted epics against the armed-to-the-teeth enemy.

It was the same heroism and the awe of the word Basij which have "deterred global arrogance from trying any new military adventure against the territorial integrity of Islamic Iran and its resolve to achieve scientific and technological progress," argued the article.

It stressed that Iran has proudly felt indebted to the Basijis for presenting the Islamic Republic system of Iran as a worthy model of emulation for other Muslim and oppressed countries who were determined "to fight the decadent culture of western liberal democracy." Recalling the recent human chain formed across Iran by nine million Basijis in support of the Islamic Republic's inalienable right to master the nuclear fuel cycle, the daily said it was another sign of Basij vital role to safeguard national security.

The move was yet "another indication of the crucial role played by this mass mobilization force in safeguarding national security and the glorious achievements of the Islamic Revolution," the paper stressed.

It further argued the brilliant breakthroughs made by this highly humanitarian force in whatever field it has stepped in including nuclear and nano technology, "has not only frustrated the poisonous propaganda of the enemies of Islam, but serves as an inspiration to the oppressed people of Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and other lands."