Monday, January 09, 2006

EU Chief Warns Iran of Manipulating Nuclear Activities for Military Purposes

Kuwait News Agency:
EU chief Wolfgang Shussel has warned Iran on Monday of manipulating nuclear activities for military purposes. In a press conference with head of the European commission Manuel Barosso today, Schussel said Iran's removal of the UN-supervised seals at its research centers, to resume nuclear fuel research today, would trigger fresh Western warnings that Tehran could face sanctions and wreck dialogue to end a dispute over its controversial nuclear program. READ MORE

Germany, which along with Britain and France makes up the EU troika leading negotiations with Iran, warned that the decision "cannot remain without consequence" and that Berlin would discuss the move with London and Paris.

Schussel appealed to the wise Iranians to work for playing down the tension between Iran and the world community and to avert the policy of confrontation with the world community. Washington, that accuses Iran of driving to build nuclear weapons, has also said any resumption of research into the fuel cycle might spur it to seek Iran's referral to the UN Security Council for enforcement action.

Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei voiced defiance, saying Iran would not give up its nuclear program.

The Iranian move, which would end a two-year suspension, would jeopardise any resumption of wider talks on ending the crisis with the West over Iran's nuclear activities.