Friday, January 20, 2006

Germany: Very soon Iran will have Atomic Bomb

Mehran Riazaty: a former Iran analyst for the Central Command of the Coalition Forces in Baghdad.
The Germany’s BND Foreign Intelligence Service published a report claiming that Iran is not too far away from building atomic bomb. The report added no one could have imagined that Iran would be this close to build atomic bomb. Head of the German Foreign Intelligence Service, Ernst Uhrlau, said probably Iran will have atomic bomb in next several months. The German Intelligence sources are saying that Iran is playing “hide and seek” with its nuke program.
Mehran Riazaty Comments: On February 7, 05- Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) web site published the following report:
Islamic Republic of Iran has gained eye-catching progress in the field of nuclear technology, deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization said. Soleymani in an interview with Iranian TV said that Iran’s progress in the field of peaceful nuclear technology was unbelievable for scientific and political experts who inspected Iran’s nuclear site. He added that Bushehr nuclear power plant will be ready by 2006.
My comment on that time was Could we conclude that if the pace of the progress towards peaceful nuclear technology would be applied too atomic bomb, wouldn’t it be as fast?