Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iranian Commanders of the army alarmed by political changes in Syria & Lebanon

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi.
According to a report from the site IRAN ASRAR (Iran Camouflaged) , the political branch of the revolutionary guards in an internal analysis [produced in December 2005] entitled "Recent Changes in Syria and the Security Ramifications on the Region" expressed the Islamic regimes anxiety in the face of the recent political changes in both Lebanon and Syria; the report stressed that the regime will be confronted with incalculable and frequent adversities.

In view of the current multitude of transitions taking place within the Middle East, not to mention the mounting international pressures against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its political allies in Syria and Lebanon, the regime is facing the most precarious situation ever. In a section of the analysis, the regimes sense of danger is evident: "...From a strategic standpoint any change or weakening within Syria, will undermine or defeat the Islamic Republic's calculations and access in the face of threats from the Zionist leadership. This very construct has taken place in Lebanon with gradual measures taken for change within the political formation, the transition of command and its upshot is that Hezbollah is being faced with having to accept results that is forced upon them..."

Further in the report, under the heading "The Islamic Regimes Nuclear Dossier, the Next Objective" it specifically mentions the nuclear issues facing the regime and the dire political need for obtaining nuclear capability. READ MORE

In the final segment the subject of the dissolution of the revolutionary guard and the weakening of the position of the regime has been explicitly articulated. It specifies: "In whole, where all mentioned areas are concerned, from Syria to Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, as well as the inclinations of Arab leaders for the preservation of power in lieu of cooperation with the U.S., with either potential or actual threats on the horizon, on the one hand the area of interests and national security hangs in the balance and on the other, gradual and imperceptible measures weakens the regimes area of regional access and indoctrination."