Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kuwait to Develop Gas Field Claimed by Iran

Kuwait plans to start exploration for natural gas in what it calls 'undisputed' parts of the offshore Dorra field also claimed by neighbouring Iran, energy ministry undersecretary Issa al-Oun told Al-Siyassah daily today. 'Talks with Iran are continuing over the continental shelf. But, we have decided to ... start exploration in the undisputed part,' Issa al-Oun said. READ MORE

The exploration will be carried out in coordination with Saudi Arabia, with whom Kuwait signed an agreement in 2000 to divide oil wealth in the offshore fields.

Oun said Kuwait will soon invite bids for seismic surveys of part of the Dorra field and other Kuwaiti offshore fields.

He said he did not expect Iran to object to the measure because 'exploration will take place in the undisputed parts of the field'.