Sunday, January 22, 2006

Massoumeh Shafiei's Letter on the 2100th day of Ganji's imprisonment
AdvarNews, 21 January 2006--On the arrival of the 2100th day of Akbar Ganji's imprisonment, Ms. Massoumeh Shafiei, his wife, gave a report of his situation after her last visit on Thursday, January 19th:

"On Thursday morning, January 19th, 2006, we were informed that to visit Ganji we must be at the Evin prison at 3pm together with Mr. Molaei--Ganji's lawyer--but Mr. Molaei preferred to give the limited visiting time completely to family members. So with the family we went to the Evin prison and after an hour of wait finally they brought Mr. Ganji in. His physical conditions were like the previous times, weight 50kg, bony and pale face, low blood pressure (witness his cold body) and a bone-and-skin body and untidy and long beard and hair. READ MORE

"He is still being kept in wing 2A in a high security solitary cell, which belongs to the intelligence department of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. He had many complaints about his cell. The washrooms are in the courtyard and the water pipes run outside on the walls, so from 8pm to 11am the water in the pipes freezes and there is no water for cleaning and washing, even for prayers.

"He suffers from severe restrictions on his drugs and food quotas and even the government ration of food is not given to him.

"Recently the prison doctor examined Mr. Ganji and due to great back and knee pains, he has prescribed an MRI scan of his back and the nervous system, but nothing has been done about it.

"This was our 3rd visit with the children in 148 days.

"Today, it is exactly 140 days that Mr. Ganji has been in extremely hard conditions in the high security prison of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. He has been in prison for 2098 days and only 2 months remain of his 6-year sentence. But evidently the decision-makers do not like this 2 months to pass in an ordinary fashion and are determined for its bitter experience to leave a mark on this helpless, opressed family's soul and body.

Massoumeh Shafiei
January 19th, 2006"