Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Iranian Opposition Group Issues Letter to the International Community

Magna Carta:
To The leaders and Opinion Makers of the International Community:

For the past 27 years the Iranian Democratic Opposition Movement inside and outside Iran have tried to shed light on the atrocious criminal acts conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. They have warned the international community of acts of terror being planned abroad such as the bombings in Beirut , Saudi Arabia, Paris and Argentine and the Lebanon Hostage Taking…..

We have repeatedly warned the World Communities of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s desire to obtain and if necessary use biological and nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately the European’s have chosen over the years to close their eyes on these crimes even though many crimes and acts of terror (over 350 assassinations of Iranian dissidents abroad) have not only been conducted on European soil but cases against terrorists acts of the IRI such as Mykonos Terror Act, Dr. Ghassemloo, Dr. Bakhtiar, Dr. Boroomand, Dr. Elahi, and Dr. Mazlouman terror trials against this terrorists regime have been held in Europe. The criminals responsible for these crimes have been convicted in the respective European countries, however, for short-term economic gains until today Europe had continued normal relationship with the Tehran ruling mullahs.

For the past six years President Bush and his administration have recognized the Islamic Republic of Iran as a part of the “axis of evil” and have rightfully separated the people of Iran from this criminal regime. Unfortunately though no firm policy has been in place to support the Iranian Freedom Movement and their plight to free Iran of its current state.

Twenty-seven years ago the world media backed Khomeini and his movement. BBC played a major role in the Iranian Revolution but for the past 27 years the world media has chosen to keep silent with respect to the Iranian Democratic Opposition in and out of the country who has struggled to bring democracy, secularism and uphold the territorial integrity of Iran. Today more than ever the Iranian freedom movement needs to be supported by the western media and international community. With proper support the Iranian people who have been longing for democratic change for over 2 decades would welcome international involvement with the aim of empowering the Iranian people to freely determine the political destiny of their country.

We urge the international media particularly within the western democracies to support the Iranian people in their just demands for the realization of their inalienable rights and freedoms. READ MORE


“ The history of the evolution of the Magna Carta in Anglo\Norman England has been shrouded by romance but it is often referred with sufficient vagueness as a sort of " statement of human rights", "freedom", "liberties" and "equality" document, or a constitutional forerunner, representative of the freedom from oppression of the 'the common people'. The ancient Magna Carta may have been a conspiracy to conquer from within, promoted from outside the country.”