Friday, February 03, 2006

Iran: Reporting Iran to UNSC will kill Russia's proposal

A senior Iranian official warned here on Friday that reporting the Iran's nuclear issue to the U.N. Security Council would mean the killing of Russia's proposal on uranium enrichment.

Javad Vaeidi, deputy head of Supreme National Security Council of Iran aired the warning on Friday afternoon.

"Referring, reporting or informing the Security Council would kill two issues: to stop diplomacy and to kill Russia's proposal,"Vaeidi told a news briefing at the IAEA headquarters. READ MORE

Last month when the Iran nuclear crisis escalated, Russia proposed to put Iran's uranium enrichment program into the Russian territory.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) started an emergency session of its board of governors on Thursday to debate a draft resolution submitted by France, Germany and Britain that called for Iran to be reported to the UN Security Council. The West fears Iran may seek to build an atomic bomb.

Javad Vaeidi fought back and threatened to stop Iran's all voluntary cooperation with the IAEA.

He said according to the Iranian parliament law, if the IAEA Board of Government decides to report the Iran nuclear issue to the U.N. Security Council, the Iranian government has to suspend "any voluntary actions."

"The Government of Iran has to obey the Parliament law," he said.

According to Vaeidi, Iran would make three-point action if the IAEA Board does not adopt the resolution: to continue full cooperation with the IAEA; to negotiate agreement with the EU-3; to offer further steps in peaceful solution.