Friday, February 24, 2006

The Islamic Regimes nefarious intentions in creating chaos and crisis in Iraq

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
On Thursday, afternoon, Feb. 23rd, the Islamic regimes radio, IRIB, in an analysis, attested to planting bombs in holy Shiite areas in Iraq to create chaos and crisis, and to stir up continued trouble between various religious and political factions. A part of the broadcast specified: "The first consequence of the tragic event in Samara will be the intensification of protests in the world of Islam against the continued insults against the holiness of Islam and of course the dimensions of that will be felt in places much farther than Iraq." READ MORE

The radio broadcast also clearly exposed that in fact the Islamic Republic of Iran has every intention of compensating for the defeat of their “candidates” in the last Iraqi elections. The spin began however when the analyst started repeating the same conspiracy theories that were related to the September 11th attacks: "In view of the involvement of Zionist elements in the conspiracy against the sacrosanct turf of the holy prophet of our dear Islam, it is entirely possible that these very elements would be somehow either directly or indirectly responsible for the terrorist attacks on Samara."

In his trip to the province of Chahar-Mahol and Bakhtiari, Ahmadinejad spoke of the Wednesday explosions in Samara; blaming them on the west, he threateningly addressed westerners, saying: "You should know that these actions will not save you from the wrath and might of the ruling Islam.”

He continued: Our enemies are annoyed with our popularity and scientific accomplishments and for this reason they cannot stand to see the devout and pietistic masses become a role model for the world. Their attack on the holy high prophet's turf and on the sepulcher of the immaculate Imams Hadi and Hasan Asgari are all because they are all against devotion and righteousness. The fact that in their desperation, they do ugly things like violating our holy Islamic alter by bombing the place...this is the western way of making us pay for their godlessness and hatred for devotion.”

Moqtada al-Sadr, the young radical cleric who recently visited Tehran to meet with the authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran, also sent a message to his supporters saying: "The time for revenge has come." Following these comments his armed followers poured into the streets of Baghdad and Basra for demonstrations.